Importing SDEF file from MS-Project into QCS

First of all, we must have the QCS software installed, and we also need a site ID and contract number.  Without these items, the following is impossible.  I downloaded the QCS software from the USACE help site installed easily, then informed my USACE contract manager of the Site ID, who in turn setup my contract, and gave me the Login information. Here I'm running QCS version which was the most current at that time.  I'm sure there are updates by now.

Once you login to QCS, you must get a Contract No into the database.  Again, this can only be done by your USACE manager in the database, as the program first comes up empty if you have no contracts.  You must get your contract number into the system before anything can proceed.  Only USACE can do this for you, they need your site ID (mine is RRDYES4E and no one else gets that one!).  Next I double click the Contact ID, and proceed to work on that contract.

My contract number from USAVE is M2003784 and loaded into the database under my site ID.  This provides a secure system, where contracts are authorized only at certain sites.  I proceed into the SDEF import by selecting the Import/Export option as shown below:

The following input screen appears, and I decide to import all these items, then click the  "Import SDEF File" button.

It is not unusual to have some errors on your first import, like what's shown below indicating that the CLIN bid amount that the USACE has approved in the database does not match up to the total activity amounts in what I just uploaded.   I have two problems here, one is that I used simple 1 and 2 for CLIN, which I need to change to 0001 and 0002.  A second problem is that my cost totals just don't add up correctly.  I'll go back into Microsoft Project and fix those items.

And then I see another error upon import.  My actual start and finish dates don't match what's in the databse already.  To fic that, I'll need to go back into Microsoft Project and zero out my propress to date.  It seems to work better get a baseline schedule uploaded first, with zero progress to date, i.e. nothing has started when we import the project.

I look aroung the QCS screens, examine some reports, and notice that I never fixed that spelling of vegatation, more to fix back in Microsoft Project.  I also see that my cost amount are into QCS, but these need to total the same as the CLIN totals that USACE has already put into the database.  I can see a zero variance if I get my costs in MS-Project to add up to the approved CLIN totals.

So I fixed all those things in MS-Project, dates, zero progress, add a couple tasks, and fix cost totals, run the SDEFmpp conversion program, and import a fresh SDEF:

OK, I still forgot to fix that spelling.  So I go back into MS-Project, spell check, and proceed with a progress report.  I put tasks 2, 3, and 4 at 100% complete.  Then I put task 5 at partial completion, as all inspections are not done yet.  Upon import to QCS, I just need to check off the Pay Request and CLIN to update progress to date:

The progress is now into the schedule and my cost toals all balance:

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