Standard Data Exchange Format

Microsoft Project Expertise:

Project is used to schedule tasks for management and reporting purposes.  The US Army Corp of Engineers USACE has their contractors use a Quality Control System QCS that requires an input of the Network Analysis System NAS from a text file commonly known as the Standard Data Exchange Format SDEF which we can support:

A simple tutorial with examples is posted at ->  (MS-Project tutorial link)

An example process of importing my SDEF into QCS is posted at ->  (QCS import emample)

Our software converts MS-Project format into USACE SDEF format.

Click link to download SDEFmpp.exe software ( link ) then Register for immediate password sent to your e-mail.  Your e-mail addresses will NOT appear online, and never be distributed or posted by me.

Registration is now required for the software to work in full, plus a valid USACE QCS contract number is also required.  All registered users are allowed to use a contract number of 123456 this year, so we can provide the software for free during this trial period.

In Microsoft Project 2010, use File->Info->Project Information, to put your registration e-mail into Comments, and your contract number into Keywords (in Project 2003, simply use File->Properties).  Look at posted tutorials on this site and/or contact to register (for free) additional contract numbers.

Software last updated April 2012.

Following are not defined in MS-Project, so done via existing MS-Project "Text" fields for each Task:
WorkersPerDay     Text1    3 leftmost characters converted to SDEF file
RespCode          Text2    4 characters maximum
WorkArea          Text3    4     "
ModNum            Text4    6     "
BidItem (CLIN)    Text5    6     "    <---******* THIS IS IMPORTANT TO USE FOR QCS
Phase             Text6    2     "
Category          Text7    1     "
Feature of Work   Text8    30    "

SDEF contract numbers are determined from the contract year, followed by the 4 digit USACE sequential number, For example, the construction contract number DACA85-89-C-001 shall be entered as 890001, or I’ll use the example of XXXX12-NN-A-3456 becomes SDEF contract number 123456

And for the .mpp file properties, in File->Properties use the following:
SDEF spec:                               Will be taken from MS-Project: 
Project Name (48 characters)             Title
Contractor Name (36 characters)          Subject
Project Identifier (4 characters)        Manager
Contract Number (6 or 7 digits)          Keywords  <---***** this is now REQUIRED by me
E-mail address (site registration)       Comments  <---***** also now REQUIRED

contact Bill Iverson for more information:

Other specifications and information can be found at many of the Corp web sites:

The original USACE SDEF spec.

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  1. Wanda says:

    I tried using the link and only 10 of the 245 activities from the schedule populated into QCS. How do I get the remaining items to populate?

    • admin says:

      We just spoke on the phone, and discovered the need to match the 6-digit contract number from Keywords in the mpp file, to the 6-digit number I have registered at this site. Sounds like it’s working fine now.

  2. Wanda says:

    Thank you for your phone call and help yesterday. I figured out what I did wrong on the set up of the text items. I didn’t set up the text fields in the correct order according to the COE predefined code structure. For instance, I had the CLIN as text 1 field, which needed to be changed to the text 5 field. I made the changes and all the information uploaded. I appreciate your help and for sharing your link. This saved me a lot of work. I will post this on your website, as it may assist other users.

  3. vaibhav.pansambal says:

    i just need a help regarding ms project , i m trying to display ms project file on webpage using jsp and MPXJ library can anyone help me out regarding it .

    thank you.

  4. cowboykuck85 says:

    Great job on the program it works flawlessly if you follow the correct steps. I recommend this to anyone that doesn’t have P6 in there budget.

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