Software here was written with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (version 9).

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7 (or later), Microsoft Project 2010 (or later), and Microsoft .NET 3.5 (or later).

DOWNLOAD  <<<< This is the link, read license, accept, then right-click to save target (.exe file) as…..  Program is FREE through 2013, but registration is required and checked online with this software.
Donations accepted, so maybe it can stay free much longer:

Please return to this site, and post (or comment) how it goes for you!!!!

SO, exe files are now blocked!!!  Good move by administrators.  You’ll need to e-mail Bill to get a copy

Most common problems that I hear about:

1. Need .NET 3.5 on your PC: link here

2. Requires Microsoft Project installed (sold separately).

3. Cannot download .exe file.  Let me know, so I can send via e-mail.

4. Need to change contract number (considered confidential, so must send to me via e-mail).

15 Responses to Download

  1. tmathews says:

    Excellent! Thank you. Seems too good to be free!

  2. LHambro says:

    Using now with the Corps of Engineers. This has been much needed for a long time.

  3. Bill Iverson’s conversion program has been an invaluable tool in working with the Corp. And, with a little communication, he was able to quickly and efficiently program additional features that maitains the integrity and accountability of the schedules I publish. This has saved my company thousands of dollars in consulting fees and time on the few projects that I have used it on.

  4. PondJosh says:

    I am trying to download the .exe file and I keep getting an error message that it cannot be downloaded. I have been using this program for a few years now, but have a new computer that I need the program on. Do you know why it would not download?

    • manager says:

      A couple reasons:
      1. I no longer support the product, so it’s just not available, this site exists only because it’s all free.
      2. Most Servers now block exe files, so we have to send you the old software renamed as an xyz file

  5. Mike Cavins says:

    I’m new to QCS and have discovered that P3 will not run on my 64-bit machine and P6 is outrageously priced. I would love to use my MS Project to upload (SDEF) schedules to QCS. Would you happen to have a previously formatted .mpp file you can send me? Thanks for all your help.

  6. cowboykuck85 says:

    I to am having the same issue. Is it possible to receive the same XYZ file? Additionally I have changed companies and computer. I have updated my profile with the correct email but do I need to register with a new contract number or just use my old one? Thank you for the help.

  7. TTK says:


    We’ve been using SDEFmpp.exe converter for 2 years. But now it’s not working after we formatted our PC.
    could you send us the file or link

  8. Men Sam Oun says:


    I cannot use SDEF mpp in Window 10, that’s why. Please find solution for me.



    • manager says:

      I understand.

      I just reloaded the code onto a Win10 PC running MS-Project 2016, and will post some kind of update next month, probably need to abandon the .exe route.

      Would an msi or MS-Office add-in be better. Suggestions on what to distribute are welcome at

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